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Vetspool was created out of passion for the vision of Charles Hoskinson and the Cardano ecosystem. After discovering blockchain and cryptocurrencies back in 2017, I stumbled upon the famous Charles Hoskinson’s white board lecture and became more interested in Cardano’s grand vision. Further research solidified my interest in blockchain as a technology that is here to stay and will play a major role in our society like the internet.  

The rigorous scientific approach and formal methods employed by Charles Hoskinson and his team ensures a solid foundation is in place to “Making The World work Better For All”. VETS staking plans to be around so long as Cardano is around. 

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USA Flag
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Pool Margins

VETS stake pool has pledge 25,000 ADA with a starting pool margin of 0%. Pledge amounts will increase overtime. Delegators would receive notification of any changes to the pool margin or any other parameters to ensure transparency. Operating cost are set to the minimum threshold of 340 ADA per epoch. Majority of the pool rewards will go directly to delegators. The goal is to provide a quality staking experience to ensure peace of mind to our delegators. 

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