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Jumping Off the Plane


See the activities for Veterans and United Way of Greater Nashville


Alpha Omega Veterans Services

Donating a portion of the pool rewards to Alpha Omega Veterans Services (AOVS). Alpha Omega Veterans Services (https://www.alphaomegaveterans.org) is a non-profit organization helping military veterans to reintegrate into society, often after achieving recovery and rehabilitation from debilitating mental and physical conditions. 

I am a US Navy veteran, a father of two, a husband, a pharmacist, avid sports fan, blockchain enthusiast. I choose this project because of my experience at various veterans affairs medical centers. I encountered homeless veterans, veterans suffering from PTSD, substance abuse, mental disorders, lack of family support, who would find their way back to the healthcare facilities because they have no place to stay.

Therefore, donating to AOVS will help military vets successfully integrate into society and engaging in a healthy lifestyle. 


United Way of Greater Nashville

United Way of Greater Nashville’s mission is to “unite the community and to mobilize resources so that every child, individual and family thrives (https://www.unitedwaygreaternashville.org).


Donating a portion of pool operator’s rewards to this project would help to ensure that every child in my community would have an equal opportunity at a bright future. 

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